Ryan Guinee

Ryan Guinee lives in Little Rock, AR and serves at FamilyLife in the Content Development department as Content Strategist. His passion for helping marriages and families was inspired by his upbringing. Being a child of divorce has created unique challenges and unexpected twists and turns in his own family. Fueled by his past and a deep love for Jesus, he uses his innate curiosity and compassion for others to learn the needs of families hurting from external and internal forces and families hungry for personal growth. He works with a passionate team of storytellers, creatives, and digital experts to create products and experiences that transform every home into a Godly home. He is joyfully married to Bethany and has two abundantly loved kids under the age of five.

Episodes appearing in

Often the voice of children in blended famililes is drowned by conflict and loss. Ron Deal talks with children of divorce, Ryan Guinee and David Bowden, to get perspective on their experiences and progress as adults with wives and children of their own. View Show Notes →