FamilyLife Today features marriage and family experts who have devoted their lives bringing biblical principles to people in ways that positively change their lives. With each program, we are continually reminded that people throughout the world are receptive to the messages of love and hope offered by our radio guests.

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Dennis Rainey and various guests talk about some of the most romantic moments of their lives. View Show Notes →
A group of young moms gets to ask Barbara Rainey their tough questions on parenting. View Show Notes →
Barbara Rainey answers questions from moms of toddlers and preschoolers, and shares her three greatest parenting regrets and how God redeemed the outcome in spite of her mistakes. View Show Notes →
Each year, thousands of young men and women age out of the foster care system. View Show Notes →
What do a nurse, an futures trader and an empty nest mom have in common? View Show Notes →
When ordinary people come close to the orphan, something unusual usually happens. View Show Notes →
You've discussed rings, invitations and wedding guests. View Show Notes →
You're engaged, and the finish line is almost in sight! View Show Notes →
Are you ready to leave your parents and cleave to your spouse? View Show Notes →
How do you know when to marry? View Show Notes →
You've prepared for the wedding, but what are you doing to prepare for the marriage? View Show Notes →
“Glory to God in the highest and peace on whom His favor rests.” View Show Notes →
A historic event will take place in Washington D.C., and it’s not an election. View Show Notes →
Dating is usually considered one of the benefits of being a teenager. View Show Notes →
When is a teen ready for dating? View Show Notes →
Do you know what your worldview is? View Show Notes →
On today's broadcast, popular author and speaker, Barbara Rainey, answers your most perplexing questions about parenting. View Show Notes →
Who are the mentors who have shaped you the most? View Show Notes →
If you could have a “do over” in life, what would you want to redo? View Show Notes →
Today on the broadcast, youth pastor Steve Wright, author of the book reThink, teams up with a dozen local youth pastors to answer their questions about reaching youth more effectively in their churches. View Show Notes →