20140108 Applied Masculinity Day 3

Applied Masculinity, Part 3

Best-selling author and pastor Stu Weber challenges men to be all that Christ calls them to be with the help of the Holy Spirit working in and through them.

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20140107 Applied Masculinity Day 2

Applied Masculinity, Part 2

How can men love others as boldly as Christ did? Author and speaker Stu Weber calls men to follow in Christ’s footsteps and love their wives and children passionately, diligently, and unselfishly.

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20140106 Applied Masculinity Day 1

Applied Masculinity, Part 1

God intends men to provide, teach, connect, and protect. Author and pastor Stu Weber exposes the misunderstanding the culture has about manhood and points us to Christ in order to define a man’s true value.

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