46: Autism and the Blended Family

A diagnosis of autism creates extra complexity to families. Dr. Stephanie Holmes, professional counselor and mom to a child with autism, speaks with Ron Deal on tips, understanding, and perspective on raising kids with autism in a blended family.
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Sand In My Sandwich 2

Beautiful Chaos

Sarah Parshall Perry, who is raising two sons with autism, along with a daughter, tells how she's learning to relinquish control to God even in the middle of an unpredictable, chaotic life.
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Sand In My Sandwich 1

Who’s in Control?

Sarah Parshall Perry, a wife and mother of three, realized soon after getting married how much of a control freak she really was, and the effects of it on her marriage weren't pretty.
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A Loving Life 3

Loving in the Crucible

Paul Miller teaches about love from the Book of Ruth. Ruth goes the distance to care for Naomi, and that's what we must do if we are to love like Christ does.
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A Loving Life 2

Suffering as the Crucible for Love

We must embrace Christ in His suffering. Best-selling author and father of six, Paul Miller, is joined by his autistic daughter, Kim, as he talks about joining into Christ's fellowship of suffering.
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A Loving Life 1

Pressing Into Christ

Paul Miller opens up the Book of Ruth to illustrate the meaning of hesed love, a steadfast kind of love and commitment that knows no exit strategy.
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Your Child And The Autism Spectrum 3

The Impact of a Special Needs Child on a Mar...

The demands of a special needs child often impact a marriage.
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Your Child And The Autism Spectrum 2

Seeing God in the Midst of Autism

God is good, even when life presents challenges.
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Your Child And The Autism Spectrum 1

Coming to Terms with Your Beliefs

Laura prayed that her baby boy would become a great man someday.
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