Romance and Sex

Romance and Sex

Because life comes with way more laundry than rose petals.

We get it. It’s hard to find sex and romance when your relationship is more characterized by conference calls, a dishwasher that just died, and carpool lines.

All the more reason to create a little beauty to punctuate the mundane.

We’ve got ideas to help you generate a few sparks—whether your day involved a flirty text with your spouse or an argument about the calendar.

Add a little pizzaz to the work of love and the marital “glue” of sex and romance that brings you closer.


Find out how to answer the questions each of you is really asking—and leverage your differences for powerful, more intimate sexual connection.

How can moms can talk to daughters about sex–including a daughter’s longings and helping dispel fear, while explaining God’s good design. 

Should you ask about your spouse’s previous sex life? What if you’re thinking about sex with your former spouse–or the differences between then and now? Dr. Juli Slattery weighs in.

Dennis Rainey offers ideas to create sparks when things are smoldering or fading between you.

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Blog Posts

A sexual relationship in marriage teaches us something about the nature of real love—God’s love.

“Before counseling, my husband and I misunderstood each other all the time. Which made vulnerability (and as a result, sex) difficult.”

Sometimes in the chaos, any semblance of date night gets drop-kicked out the door. But with a little commitment you can still make time together.

Need a few ideas to communicate “I’m still into you”? “I respect you”? “You’ve got this”? We’ve got ideas.

Catch these practical ways to start loving your wife in a way that makes her flourish.