Blended Family

Blended family in church

Going to Church As a Single Parent or Blended Family

As a single mom turned stepmom, I look to the church for help to heal. But it’s challenging to feel accepted in a place where my family isn’t reflected.

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Two Funerals and a Wedding

Three ways I’ve helped my stepfamily grieve the deaths of both previous spouses.

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Identity crisis

The Search: Who Am I Now?

From widow and single mother to second wife and stepmom, my soul suffered an identity crisis.

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Blended family life

Survival Tips for the First Year of Stepfamily Life

Ten ideas that helped (or would have helped) my family during our first blended year.

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Good news about marriage

Some Good News About the Bad News About Marriage

Divorce rates aren’t really as bad as the academics were implying.

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Getting married again

Learning to Speak Marriage Again

A new marriage requires learning different forms of affection, communication, traditions, and expectations.

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Knowing God

A Healthy Stepfamily Needs ‘God-Esteem’

Jesus told us to love our neighbors as ourselves, but that requires first knowing who we are in Christ.

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Go on a road trip

Creating Closer Relationships in Stepfamilies

Strengthen bonds between kids and stepparents by going on a trip that doesn’t fit into the status quo.

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Co-Parenting Doesn’t Have to Be Ugly

When the world is telling you to blame your ex-spouse and embrace bitterness, you can work on turning your thoughts toward a peaceful working relationship.

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A Time to Grieve During Stepfamily Holidays

Three helpful hints I use to navigate the holidays in my blended family.

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Adult child of divorce

Navigating the Holidays as an Adult Child of Divorce

At Christmas, decisions for an adult child of divorce become especially difficult, with both parents vying for your loyalty and attention.

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Blended family

Grafting: A Painful but Beautiful Process for Blended Families

Your blended family may have another river to cross and a few more battles to face, but don’t give up—significant rewards lie ahead.

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Stepparenting and the Law

Even though the legal rights of a stepparent over his or her stepchildren is limited, love is not limited.

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Outsiders in blended families

Extending Love and Grace to Outsiders in Blended Families

God showed His love for us by bringing the outsider in, and that’s how Christians should love the “extended” members of stepfamilies.

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Divorced parents

Divorced Parents Can Co-Parent Peacefully

Divorced parents should constantly evaluate themselves and ask if their behavior is helping or hurting their children.

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The Role of a Stepgrandparent

As a stepgrandparent, you can be an important and influential role in the family with a little grace and wisdom.

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Parents Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Biological parents who find themselves caught between their spouse and their child should step out of the conflict as often as possible.

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Relationship with stepchildren

How to Cook a Stepfamily

I like to use cooking as an analogy to identify some integration styles that stepfamilies attempt to utilize.

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Romance and sex

The Challenge of Re-Sex

Sex is an important part of remarriage, but a healthy sexual relationship doesn’t necessarily result in a healthy marriage.

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Stepparenting teenagers

Stepparenting Teenagers

Adolescence is a natural time of turmoil in nearly every family.

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Dealing with ex-spouse

Dealing With a Destructive Ex-Spouse

One of the most menacing dynamics attacking the health of a stepfamily is a destructive parent in the other home.

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Blended family

Setting Boundaries for a Meddling Ex-Spouse

When you have a new marriage and blended family, it’s important to build a respectful working relationship with your ex.

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Resurrected Pain

Be prepared to face loss as you celebrate the holidays.

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Placing Your Spouse in the Front Seat of Your Heart

Your children will benefit when you make a strong commitment to your new spouse.

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Having an ours baby

Having an ‘Ours’ Baby

If you are planning to have an ours baby, here are some suggestions to consider for preparation.

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Remarriage and blended families

10 Things to Know Before You Remarry

Challenges every single parent should consider before deciding to remarry.

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Having fun together

Maximizing the Fun Factor in Your Remarriage

A regular dose of fun, relaxing time together is a key part of a dynamic, fulfilling marriage relationship.

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Do You Feel Like an Outsider With Your Stepchildren?

Practical suggestions for stepmoms.

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Resolving conflict

Honest Communication Is a Stepfamily’s Greatest Ally

Every time David successfully put off another conflict, he stored up resentment toward his wife or stepchildren for “controlling him.”

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Blended families

Stepfamilies: Is This Normal?

Blended families live in a different land than first-families.

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