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Father and son sitting together smiling

5 Ways My Dad Helped Me Transition into Adul...

As I made the transition into adulthood, I knew I could always count on my dad. Here are five ways he helped me grow as I became a young adult.
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When Your Friends are Moving In Together Bef...

Your friends are planning on living together before marriage. What’s it look like to be a good friend when they’re moving in together?
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When My Husband Said ‘No’ to Aborting Ou...

I never expected to have another baby, period. Much less another baby who isn’t healthy. And even more, another baby who “should be aborted.”
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Need Stability This School Year? Look to Scr...

Every school year has its challenges, but this year is one of a kind. Are you and your kids feeling a bit tossed about and in need of an anchor?
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Men: Tips to Lead Your Stepfamily Well

You may not find quick-and-easy answers to all your questions when you marry into a stepfamily. But with God’s help, you can lead your stepfamily well.
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Sharing the Load for Back to School

After a pandemic-filled year, back to school is offering its own challenges. But sharing the load with your spouse might be the key to surviving.
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So You Want to be Marriage Mentors? Start He...

They were the marriage mentors we never knew we needed. They introduced us to Jesus and presented the allure of a marital commitment we hadn’t yet made.
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upset woman with her head in her hands

To the Woman Whose Husband Confessed to Look...

If your husband confessed to looking at porn, I’m sorry for what you are going through. But as you work through this, here are a few things to remember.
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Spouse or Children: Who Comes First?

Kids often take up most of our physical, emotional, and spiritual energy. But when it comes down to it, who comes first, spouse or children?
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illustration of one person holding an umbrella over another person.

My Friend’s Parents Are Divorcing. How Can...

It’s a myth that the older the child of divorce is, the easier it becomes. If your friend’s parents are divorcing, here are some ways to help.
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husban and wife having a serious discussion

Is My Marriage Over?

When you’re asking, “Is my marriage over?”—it’s from a piercing, reeling position you never hoped to see. Is getting a divorce your only option?
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Two women sitting on the couch chatting

When Your Friend’s Marriage Shows Sign...

Over lunch or a phone call, a friend confesses things aren’t going well at home. But how do you help when a friend’s marriage is showing signs of divorce?
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married couple arguing

Married to a Stranger? 5 Tips to Know Your S...

Ever find yourself thinking you’re married to a stranger? You aren’t alone. Here are a few ways to start getting to know your love again.
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real love

Real Love vs. Fake Love: What Does Real Love...

Wondering if what you have with your significant other is real love? True devotion might not look like you think it does.
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What Do I Say to a Friend Who Had a Miscarri...

If someone you love has experienced a miscarriage, you likely want to help but aren’t sure where to start. Here are a few suggestions.
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what will school look like

What Will School Look Like? 4 Ways to Pray

Many are anxiously wondering, “What will school look like this fall?” With all the uncertainty, here are four ways to pray for your decisions.
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weekly schedule

Weekly Schedule Overload? 3 Questions to Ask

With the summer break, now is a great time to reevaluate your family’s weekly schedule. Before penciling anything in, here are three questions to ask.
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technology addiction

‘My spouse wants me to get off my phone!...

At what point does your phone become a technology addiction? If your spouse has recently said, “Get off your phone!” here are some tips.
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Fun date ideas

6 Fun Date Ideas You Might Not Have Consider...

Running low on fun date ideas lately? Here are some creative ways to have fun with your spouse that you might not have considered.
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What Does the Bible Say About Racism?

So what does the Bible say about racism? A lot (from Genesis all the way to Revelation). The question is, will we listen?
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cost of raising a child

The Cost of Raising a Child: How to Tell Kid...

Maybe you're feeling the cost of raising a child now more than ever. How can you tell your child, "We can't afford that"?
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Racial Discrimination Ends in Your Living Ro...

When it comes to talks about racial discrimination, mercy and grace are needed on all sides. But the most effective change happens face-to-face.
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stepfamily dynamics

Stepfamily Dynamics: When You’re Not Blend...

Co-parenting, jealousy, and stepsibling conflict can chip away at a family’s future. But five changes can create a lasting impact on stepfamily dynamics.
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How to Reopen Church Now

As communities and individuals discuss the pros, cons, and restrictions to reopen church, one point seems forgotten: The “church” was never closed.
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before marriage

Before Marriage: 5 Things You Don’t Have t...

Before marriage, I thought I was overly prepared for married life. But over the years I’ve found marriage to be unpredictable.
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5 Ways to Honor Your Stepdad on Father’s D...

Being a stepdad on Father’s Day can be a tricky, often overlooked, role. But here are a few ways to show your appreciation.
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An Open Letter to My Christian Friends RE: R...

I'm encouraged by the support and solidarity I have witnessed from my Christian friends. Thank you for your expressions of heartbreak. But don't stop there.
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We Stand With and for Every Home

Silence does not communicate FamilyLife’s long-standing vision of “every home a godly home.” We’re all learning how to engage in a way that communicates trust, community, and Christ’s love to all families, all homes.
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husband and wife sitting on bed looking at photo album

Need a Summer Vacation With Your Spouse? 8 I...

Aching for a summer vacation with your spouse but don't know what to do or where to go? Here are eight creative ideas for a getaway with your love.
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After Quarantine: 5 Gifts Not to Lose

Like many, I’m savoring the (albeit slow) exhale of life after quarantine. But there are also some rich gifts from the past few months that I don’t want to lose.
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Black mother comforting her son

George Floyd: Before I Talk to My Kids About...

I weep in response to the hashtags I see. George Floyd’s life mattered. But how do we talk to our kids about another black man's death ... again?
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The Five E’s of Strength Identification

From Analyn and Brandon Miller's interview on FamilyLife Today® on June 1-2, 2020.
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back to normal

Back to Normal: 4 Things My Family Needs

As states reopen and life attempts to go back to normal, I’m reevaluating my family’s needs. But what I’m finding isn’t necessarily a beach vacation.
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As States Begin Reopening, 4 Ways to Pray

Does the idea of states reopening make you rejoice? Or cause you worry? Whichever side you are on, here are a few ways we can all pray.
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5 Tips for Hosting a Small Group Online

5 Tips for Hosting a Small Group Online

If you're trying to figure out how to navigate hosting a small group online, here are five practical tips to help you get started.
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stressed kids

Stressed Kids: 4 Questions to Ask Them

School closings, changes to home and learning routines, and anxious parents. Right now, even the most resilient children can turn into stressed kids.
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laid off

Laid Off: Moving Forward After Job Loss

Being laid off brings stress and struggles to make ends meet. But as you search for a job, don’t miss what's in the waiting.
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Should We Talk to our Kids About Ahmaud Arbe...

Ahmaud Arbery's death isn't just about politics. It's a chance to teach our kids to think and act with Christian minds in areas we’d rather avoid.
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stress response

When Your Spouse Has a Different Stress Resp...

As a married couple, you likely each have a different stress response. How can you leverage relationship stress to draw you together as a team?
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What Has “Quarantine Hell” Taugh...

What started out like a nice extended weekend has mutated into a family siege. After the initial quarantine shock though, many have found the best of times.
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Anxiety About the Consequences of Quarantine: How to Deal

How to Deal with Anxiety and Consequences of...

We need some clear, concrete directions about how to operate in the era of a global pandemic and deal with anxiety about the consequences of quarantine.
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changed for the better

Changed for the Better: How to Keep the Good...

Sometimes bad circumstances bring about future good. And for many families, their lives have been changed for the better by the quarantine.
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stepmom on Mother's Day

Appreciating a Stepmom on Mother’s Day: Ti...

A mixed bag of emotions comes with being a stepmom on Mother’s Day. A day set aside to honor moms, where does that leave a stepmom?
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when your spouse faces a layoff

When Your Spouse Faces a Layoff: 5 Ways to H...

When your spouse faces a layoff, hold back on the cliché, this-is-what-you-should-do responses. Instead, here are five ways to help.
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ways to help others

10 Ways to Help Others in Quarantine

I'll admit my first priority when the quarantine began wasn't to find ways to bless others. But I'm reminded of Jesus' commandment to love our neighbors.
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blended family stress

Blended Family Stress During the Pandemic

My heart grieves as friends describe new struggles and blended family stress during the pandemic. It feels like too much to manage some days, doesn’t it?
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bond with your stepfamily

How to Bond With Your Stepfamily: 5 Tips

Quarantine and most blended families don’t mix. And if you’re wondering how to bond with your stepfamily while home, you might feel stuck.
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staying close

Staying Close When You Can’t Be Together

Maintaining friendships when you can't be together isn't easy. Now, thanks to a pandemic and nationwide shutdown, all our friendships feel long distance.
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Working With Kids at Home During COVID-19

Working With Kids at Home During COVID-19

Crusted cereal bowls. Kitchen counter desks. Bed sheet forts just out of conference call camera view...How do we keep up working with kids at home?
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How to Homeschool During Quarantine

How to Homeschool During Quarantine

Even if you’ve never done this sort of thing before, you can trust your instincts about what your child needs. No one knows your child like you do.
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Grieve From a Distance

When a Pandemic Forces You to Grieve From a...

As the coronavirus claims lives, we wonder how to grieve from a distance. Usually we find comfort in community. What do you do when you face death alone?
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caring at a distance

Comforting and Caring at a Distance During Q...

What does comforting a loved one and caring at a distance look like during the quarantine? For starters, find ways to make your compassion unmissable.
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social distancing

Is Social Distancing Causing Distance in You...

Quarantines, social distancing and health hypervigilance have us out of our routines and comfort zones, causing a host of emotions erupting in marriage.
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reduce stress

How to Reduce Stress While Stuck at Home: 7...

Being shut-in during the pandemic only intensifies the anxiety we feel. Here are a few tips on how to reduce stress while you’re stuck at home.
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losing a spouse

Losing a Spouse is for Life

There are many lessons I’ve gathered on the journey of grief, and one of them is this: The heartache of losing a spouse lasts a lifetime.
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new normal

My Family’s New Normal Is Anything But Nor...

Since the coronavirus quarantine hijacked our lives, I feel frazzled. It's hard to focus on anything when everything is on me in this new normal.
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older couple outside with their back to us, arms around each other

Whatever Bad Happens, I Choose Us

You can’t know everything that’s going to happen in marriage, but you can decide ahead of time how to handle it with the promise in your vows: I choose us.
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coronavirus divorce statistic

4 Ways to Not Be a Coronavirus Divorce Stati...

A recent article predicted a rise in divorces due to the COVID-19 quarantine. Here are four ways you can avoid becoming a coronavirus divorce statistic.
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blended families in quarantine

Without an Escape: Blended Families in Quara...

I worry about blended families in quarantine where emotions are being processed in a place that doesn’t feel safe. For stepchildren and stepparents alike.
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sick and tired

Sick and Tired? Don’t Take It Out on Your...

If absence makes the heart grow fonder, being sick and tired together sucks the fondness right out. But this quarantine means we're stuck in this together.
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5 Ways My Husband Supports My Mental Health

5 Ways My Husband Supports My Mental Health

My husband supporting me through my mental health wasn’t in our plans when we got married, but it was in our wedding vows. 
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Grieving the Quarantine Life

As I sit at the beginning of another week, grieving the quarantine, it’s clear: we don’t like feeling out of control. This new normal comes with loss.
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losing patience

Losing Your Patience At Home? 5 Tips for Fin...

Finding patience at home is one of the hardest parts of this quarantine life. My impatience grows as my cabin fever increases.
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Easter at Home

How to Celebrate Easter At Home in 7 Easy St...

We know. The idea of your family having a service for Easter can feel weird and even sad. But this Easter at home can still be meaningful, memorable.
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How do I get my spouse to do it my way?

How do I get my spouse to do it my way?

Often, we ask ourselves "How do I get my spouse to do things my way?" Yet arguments about the “right way” are rarely about what they seem.
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date night in

10 Date Night In Ideas for When You Can’t...

Any semblance of date night just got drop-kicked out the door. But with a little commitment you can still make time together. 10 date-ins get you started.
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fear of death

When You Can’t Shake the Legitimate Fe...

The threat of COVID-19 has forced us to face the fear of death. It has become real: human life is fragile. But you can control the fear.
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Talking to your kids about the coronavirus

Talking to Your Kids About the Coronavirus

As COVID-19 shutdowns continued, we realized ongoing conversations with our kids were a must. But first, we needed to talk to each other.
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Quarantined Together: Can Your Marriage Take...

This time of being quarantined is challenging! One surprising aspect might be how hard it is to adjust to being together 24/7.
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family meal

8 Ways to Embrace the New Norm of Family Din...

With more COVID-19 closures, families are gathering at home and around the table again. If it’s been awhile, here's insight on making family dinners work.
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blended families

What’s the Right Place for Stepfamilie...

The effort to lump stepfamilies at church with biological families may have noble motivations. But it often leaves stepfamilies feeling unloved and unseen.
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spouse suffers with chronic pain

When Your Spouse Suffers with Chronic Pain

Every morning I wake up wondering if it’ll be another day of doctors, supplements, tears, and doubts for my spouse who suffers with chronic pain.
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good apology

3 Steps to Offering a Good Apology

Saying “I’m sorry” is one of the most important phrases you can say in any relationship. But it’s also one of the hardest.
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How Can I Break a Porn Addiction?

Pornography drives our curiosity and shapes our sexual expectations. If you or someone you know is struggling, these tips can help.
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5 Ways to Offer Help After a Natural Disaste...

Families and communities go through a long process to put pieces back together after a natural disaster. We can play a vital part of the recovery effort.
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Joy in marriage

4 Habits for More Joy in Marriage

The brain magnet has shown that attachment—specifically, joyful attachment—is the most powerful motivator in life. No doubt, joy in marriage changes a home.
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tell our kids about our past

Should We Tell Our Kids About Our Past?

Mistakes and pain can label us. But if we tell our kids about our past we show them ways we are overcoming. Our kids need to know that too.
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strong marriage

6 Things My Parents Taught Me About a Strong...

I’m not married yet, but I’ve spent my entire life learning how to have a strong marriage through watching my parents' example.
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empty nest remarriage

Remarrying in the Empty Nest Years

Most people mistakenly believe remarrying in the empty nest years is easier. But this union brings its own unique struggles.
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Gray Divorce

3 Ways to Protect Your Marriage From ‘Gray...

I’ve always thought there was some marital finish line protecting your marriage on the other side. But few people warn you about gray divorce.
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Talk to a friend about suicide

How Do I Help a Friend Who Talks About Suici...

When you have a friend who talks about suicide, it's scary. Not knowing what to do, we often do very little. But doing nothing isn’t helpful. Try this.
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Two men sitting outside drinking coffee

Where Can I Get Help For My Marriage?

We found out that no one is immune from marriage challenges. When we faced a serious conflict, I didn’t know where to turn for help for my marriage.
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arrows drawn on the road going straight or left turn.

6+ Questions to Ask When You’re Making...

Wondering which direction you should go with a big decision? Don’t overestimate your ability to mess up your life by taking a wrong turn! 6 Q's to help.
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Valentine's Day when marriage is hard

What about Valentine’s Day when marria...

Romance is all around. But that only accentuates how hard your marriage feels right now. How do you do Valentine’s Day when marriage is hard?
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Will you be my Bridesmaid?

As I narrow down my list of potential bridesmaids, I realize I need more than someone to plan a wedding shower. I need someone who will help me be the wife I long to be.
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Terrified to Be a Mom

I Was Terrified to Be a Mom

Would I prepare my heart for God to do something new, or would I let old labels and seasons paralyze me?
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How I Overcame Fear as a Mom

Our unknowns are known by God, and the very moments we think are scary are opportunities for growing our faith.
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killing the children

It’s About More Than Killing the Child...

When he recommended abortion, I finally understood. That choice is for when the fear is suffocating. Sometimes scared moms want an easier way.
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The Other Great Royal Exit (Besides Harry and Meghan)

The Other Great Royal Exit (Besides Harry an...

Leaving heaven and coming to earth was part of God’s plan for Jesus—and all of humanity—all along.
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Handling Conflict with Your Spouse

That Same Stupid Fight: Handling Conflict wi...

Conflict with your spouse is inevitable for all couples. Whoever got the idea into our heads that “marriage should be easy” probably wasn’t married.
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friendship in marriage

I Needed Her to Be More Than Just My Wife

Then I asked my wife a question that would change the nature of our relationship forever. I needed her to be more than someone who I did fun things with.
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How Your EQ Determines Your Happiness in Mar...

One of the most important facets of marriage is highly overlooked—the idea of knowing yourself. Emotional Intelligence isn't as innate as it seems.
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divorce announcement

The Divorce Announcement Shouldn’t Hav...

We'd been sufficiently warned. We were working against all the odds to stay together: divorced homes. Demanding careers. And now, a chronically-ill child. 
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how church involvement affects your marriage

7 Reasons Why You Need Someone Else in Your...

You want to find joy and delight in your marriage. But you’ll never be able to accomplish this alone in the four walls of your home together.
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Blending Families

Blending Families Isn’t as Easy as the...

Many blended family weddings incorporate a ceremony called “blending of the sands.” But in reality it does not mean they have obtained “familyness.”
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Cultivate Oneness in Your Marriage: Water Your Own Grass

Cultivate Oneness in Your Marriage: Water Yo...

In your marriage, will you be the gardener or the consumer?
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rejection in blended families

The Path Through Rejection in Blended Famili...

Rejection in blended families hurts and is discouraging. What is needed is the resolve to keep going and a few helpful tools.
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The Comeback Marriage

What started as an online affair devastated their marriage. Could they find renewal after infidelity?
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Hope for your marriage

There Is Hope for Your Marriage

As bad as your situation might be, it is not beyond God’s power to fix.
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new year

Wondering What is Just Around the Corner in...

A new job. Losing a baby. A new house. Or a spouse's confession. We can’t see what the new year may bring, but we can trust God to write our story.
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New Year

4 Prayers for the New Year

We're in the practice of resolutions. These prayers for the New Year will move us toward spiritual renewal too.
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When My Wife Told Me She Didn’t Love M...

My wife of 10 years told me she didn't love me anymore. I would have said our marriage was a 10 out of 10. How was I so blind to the deadness of her heart?
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married the wrong person

I Married the Wrong Person

In only a few short months, we had gone from gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes to glaring at each other with anger and disgust, each wondering – and not only to ourselves – if we had married the wrong person.
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shame and brokenness

Misfits Welcome Here

Christmas is for the broken, the lonely and forgotten, and the misfits.
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Christmas stress

5 Common Christmastime Temptations

As much as we hope we’ll become idyllic people during this idyllic season, our struggles refuse to take a holiday.
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prodigal children holidays

If Your Prodigal Won’t Come Home for Chris...

The Christmas season didn’t kick off quite how we had planned after receiving the text from our son … “I’m not coming.”
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toxic people

Toxic People and How to Respond

Having fantasy arguments in your head or Facebook fights with toxic people? It's tiring! But defending your reputation might not be worth your time.
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12 Ways to Sneak in Sex Over the Holidays

It’s hard to get romantic in your mother-in-law's living room, kids snoring around you on sleeping bags. Still, sneaking in sex over the holidays is doable.
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spouse manipulating me

Help! Is My Spouse Manipulating Me?

Manipulation is a mind game leaving you wondering: Is my spouse manipulating me? We all have unhealthy ways to get what we want. So it’s worth considering.
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peer pressure

When Peer Pressure Starts Too Soon

Peer pressure can be subtle. Other times your child's friend sports a Michael Kors bag. Or their second grade class splits into boyfriend-girlfriend duos.
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Your Spouse Is Not Your Enemy

Your Spouse Is Not Your Enemy

Satan is our real enemy, and he would love to divide our marriages through suspicion, jealousy, disrespect, and resentment.
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Disciplining Kids at Grandma’s

3 Easy Rules for Disciplining Kids at Grandm...

“No jumping on Mimi’s couches. No snacks in the living room.” Welcome to disciplining kids at Grandma's. But whose rules do you follow? Yours or Mimi's?
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Fighting Skunks With Bacon

There can be a lot of rottenness in the world. At times, it’s so obvious and undeniable it’s nearly enough to knock you for a loop.
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2 Ideas to Focus on Christmas Gifts That Really Matter

2 Ideas to Focus on Christmas Gifts That Rea...

God gives us eternal treasures, so let’s take time to notice during the season of stuff.
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Bad Boys Hollywood Lies

Bad Boys and Hollywood Lies

Instead of looking to Hollywood for the answers about love and dating, find out what Scripture has to say.
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Gentleman Is Never Out of Style

A Gentleman Is Never Out of Style

The cultural confusion about masculinity has left many young guys to either shy away from their masculinity or use it selfishly.
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boundaries in dating

How Far Is Too Far?

When dating, we often miss one very important truth of relational health: Intimacy should never exceed commitment.
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kid wants a cell phone

Your Kid Wants a Cell Phone for Christmas

I wanted to be shocked that my 5-year-old kid wants a cell phone. But it’s the world we live in. Mandy at NextTalk says the digital world changes parenting.
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Christmas shopping for my wife

Christmas Shopping For Your Wife (She Really...

I have a hard time Christmas shopping for my wife. It's not because I don't enjoy giving her gifts. I do. It's just that I don't want to mess it up.
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man sitting in chair near window looking sad

How to Help a Spouse Struggling with Depress...

Your spouse might find openness struggling with depression. But mental health issues don’t just impact the lives of those who have them.
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7 Ideas to Make “Thanks” Last Longer Than Thanksgiving

7 Ideas to Make “Thanks” Last Longer Tha...

What if we stopped treating gratitude like green bean casserole—something to dish out once a year?
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man talking to a very annoyed woman on a park bench

When Your Spouse Rejects Your Love

My wife refused all my attempts to reconcile, keeping her distance both physically and emotionally.That scared me. And I had a choice to make.
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strong woman

A Letter to my Daughter: Be This Kind of Str...

No one tells you all your dreams can’t fit in one life. You may wonder if a strong woman follows or leads. Is she in the boardroom or the kitchen?
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Unless You’re Weeping for This, the Ch...

What's the answer for the many who suffer quietly in the supposed safe place for the hurting--the church--yet go without the comfort of others?
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Aah, Retirement. What could go wrong?

How could we possibly think retirement, changing health, and decline ahead wouldn't have surprises and challenges like our 40+ years of marriage?
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For When You Wonder If You Push Your Kids To...

Do my high expectations create a stressful environment? Am I helping my kids succeed? Or am I hurting their chances of experiencing the joys of life?
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postpartum depression

Postpartum Depression: Admitting It to Mysel...

"Even good moms have scary thoughts sometimes," my husband reassured. I didn’t want to admit it. But I knew deep inside I was facing postpartum depression.
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What God Really Thinks about Women

"I think the bottom line is that God just doesn’t like women," my friend shared her frustration. But is that the truth about us?
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Holiday Stress

Ease the Stress This Christmas

Seven ways to make the holy days peaceful days.
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Go Home

Why “Go Home” is a Bigger Offense Th...

John MacArthur told Beth Moore to “Go home." Male and female opinions on both sides erupted. But there’s a bigger offense at play that no one is outing.
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understand kids' emotions

I Feel You: 4 Ways to Understand our Kids...

I know my kids’ emotions are complex. I'm learning that rather than the disease, those emotions are symptoms. So I'm seeking understanding and solutions.
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women and sex

Women, You’re Allowed to Enjoy Sex Too...

My grandmother said to prevent getting pregnant she just "...didn’t do the evil thing!” No disrespect to her but sex is not dirty or shameful.
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Enneagram 8

How Being an Enneagram 8 Does and Doesn̵...

I am the dreaded Enneagram 8—the challenger. Self-confident, decisive, willful, and confrontational. But I also stand for what is right in an unmoving way.
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José Altuve

5 Reasons We Love José Altuve’s Big Game...

It’s easy for Astros fans to love José Altuve's series clenching 2 run walk-off sending Houston to the World Series. But we all cheer his poise and class.
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How Often Does a Healthy Couple Have Sex?

We've all wondered the long-echoed question: how often should we have sex? Likely you and your spouse don't agree. It'd be nice to ask someone else!
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Casual Sex: What’s in it for Her?

Casual sex boasts the benefits of being a modern woman: freedom, confidence, independence. But how is hooking up good for girls if 83% prefer commitment?
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dating questions

Your Dating Questions Answered

Ten questions guys commonly ask and our best answers to these often tricky (and awkward-to-talk-about) situations.
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outrage culture

Raising Kids in Outrage Culture

Americans choose sides as if the entire country is getting a divorce. Shouting in ALL CAPS. Colorful @#$% thrown in. Outrage culture is our world today.
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Battle of the Moms in a Blended Family

Battle of the Moms in a Blended Family

Advice on seeing both the stepmom’s and biological mom’s perspectives.
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How Motherhood Has Changed Me

I spent most of my 20’s trying to be someone else. Finally marriage, motherhood, depression, and my 30’s forged my self-discovery and acceptance.
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Guiding Your Children Through a Difficult Move

Guiding Your Children Through a Difficult Tr...

The move from New York to Arkansas was painful for our family, but the journey taught us a few things.
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The allure of Rachel Hollis

Girl, You Can Be Fierce: The Allure of Rache...

What is it about Rachel Hollis that makes her so appealing to hundreds and thousands of women? I get why she satisfies and why she doesn't.
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workplace affairs

Is It the Man or Woman’s Job to Preven...

Mike Pence, among many men, committed to not being alone with a woman in the workplace. Is this offensive to working women who don't have the same option in the male-dominant workforce?
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How I Learned to Listen to My Husband

How I Learned to Listen to My Husband

Suddenly I knew it was true. He may not be listening, but I finally understood I wasn’t either.
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When A Pastor Takes His Life

People say talking about depression will make it better. Jarrid Wilson‘s suicide shows you can talk about it and not be okay.
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ways to be a better husband

4 Ways to Be a Better Husband

In year one of marriage, we did a lot of right things to be good spouses. But for marriage to last, it has to be based on more than a few early habits.
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Setting Financial Boundaries in Blended Families

Setting Financial Boundaries in Blended Fami...

Blended family couples avoid many problems when they communicate and discuss money matters mutually.
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Guidelines for Discussing Finances With an Ex-spouse

Guidelines for Discussing Finances With an E...

These practical strategies will give you tools for a peaceful and effective interchange.
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enneagram 3

Why Your Enneagram 3 Theology Will Fail You

An Enneagram 3 to the core, I know I can change the world. Feeding hungry children, slashing divorce rates, and housing homeless: bring it on!
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husband and wife arguing

5 Reasons Your Marriage Isn’t as Bad a...

How do we know in the middle of deep despair if it’s time to throw the house key in his face? Or if we can check our emotions and reevaluate? 
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the Enneagram and marriage

The Enneagram and My Marriage

I’m Jenn. I’m a 9. If you’re a 6, like my husband, you’re waiting to decide if I’m knowledgeable about the Enneagram until after you hear what I say.
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How to Disagree Without Being Disagreeable i...

Disagreement usually sparks hatred. But when did disagreeing equate hating?  We, as a whole, have forgotten how to respectfully disagree.
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flirt on social media

7 Ways to Flirt on Social Media

Sure, social media has been known to ruin a marriage or two. But if used in appropriate ways, it's a tool to actually strengthen your bond.
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response to tragedy

10 ‘Somethings’ I Can Do in Resp...

In the wake of tragic events, it’s tempting to feel hopeless or point fingers at others. Here are some practical ways I can respond now.
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Ed Sheeran’s Beautiful Perspective

Whether or not Ed Sheeran recognizes it, his lyrics communicate the truth that the things of this world will never satisfy.
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‘I’m So Grateful to Know I’m Not Alone...

Josh and Tracey Devine barely survived their blended family turmoil, but with God’s grace and the help of resources like FamilyLife Blended®, they are now helping other stepfamilies survive and thrive.
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college student parents

What College Students Want Parents to Know

The college years can be a tricky transition not just for students, but for their parents as well.
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Ladies, Find Your Beauty in God’s Eyes

Society tells women they are not naturally beautiful. But what does God say?
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fun marriage

Marriage Should Be Fun

Fun and laughter can illuminate our world by reminding us life is not supposed to be so serious.
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man and woman sitting on the couch looking troubled

Think Your Marriage is Dying? 7 Signs to Con...

It’s your billionth fight about the same thing. Your go-to conversations throw out divorce as a threat. What should you do if your marriage is dying?
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The Best a Man Can Get: Warring over Masculi...

The ad is surfacing yet again, as Gillette attempts to explain billion-dollar losses this quarter. The public wonders if we need more or less masculinity.
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Showing Our Kids How to Love in a Culture Fi...

"Close-minded. Unaccepting. Judgmental." Many in our society label Christians as the most hateful people of all in a world fighting for love to win.
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talking with spouse

7 Ideas to Get Your Husband to Talk to You

I don’t just want to connect with him just for me. I want to both know him and be known by him. I want my husband to join in our conversation too.
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foster care

I’ve Known My Preteen Daughter for One...

My daughter Sam is 12, but I’ve only known her for a year. No one’s story is as straightforward as it may seem. Families are made in many ways.
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a teacher at her desk

4 Ways I’m Praying for My Kids’ Teachers...

Their teachers have encouraged their strengths (and helped them find them), instilled confidence, prayed for them, praised them, and lovingly disciplined them when necessary. “Thanks” just doesn’t seem enough.
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wedding cake destroyed

What Miley Cyrus Teaches Us About Marriage

A catchy new song by Miley reveals a view on love that may not last a lifetime.
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close-up of man chopping green onions

Dull Knives and Missed Opportunities

That’s when the crying turned ugly. The early tears were sadness. But these were regret. I was lamenting a missed opportunity.
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husband parenting

I Couldn’t Believe My Husband Said That!

Later that night I told my husband thank you. “What you did this afternoon changed our whole day. Thanks for saying what you said and doing what you did.”
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wife wants sex

When My Wife Wants Sex … But I’m Not...

On the fourth night of the honeymoon, I was like, “Babe, I’m spent. Can we just cuddle?” You ever been there? Turning down the lady’s advances?
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I Kissed Dating Goodbye

Joshua Harris’s Heartbreaking Downfall

A millennial’s perspective on Joshua Harris's “falling away” from the Christian faith: "I am among the generation that was shaped, both good and bad."
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Does single equal happy?

Single Women Are Happiest and Healthiest?

Women who have never married or had children are the happiest and healthiest, I heard. I'm an unmarried woman with no children. Does single equal happy?
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Josh Harris and the Erosion of His Faith

Even the mighty fall. To some, Josh Harris was mighty. He had great influence on their spiritual formation. I hope and pray they know that the Almighty still stands.
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growing your faith in college

How to Stay Christian at a Christian College

Christian college isn't a guarantee that students will keep the faith. A thriving relationship with God doesn't happen simply by immersion.
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father holding daughter while checking his phone

Balancing Family and Career for the Young Pr...

More stuff means more bills. More bills require more work.The work life balance cycle is as paralyzing as it is addictive. And it is luring every American family.
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marriage counseling

What Marriage Counseling Is … And Isn...

Meghan McCain's version of marriage counseling is "drinking Jack Daniels, shooting some guns and hanging out." Is that what you should expect?
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attending church

‘Mom, Why Isn’t Dad Coming to Ch...

'Should I be shielding him? Pretend he’s just tired? I feel like I'm on damage control for his decision.' Tips to respond when your spouse isn't into it.
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millennial parents

5 Things Millennial Parents Are Doing Better...

Research shows millennials may be the most family-oriented generation in the last 50 years. Millennial parents are changing the norm to raise healthy kids.
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teens and video games

Why Your Kid Is Obsessed With Video Games

Video games offer a world for your kids where they are the ones with power. The lure is easy to see. But clearly gaming can’t satisfy these deep desires.
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kids' sports pressure

8 Ways to Destroy Your Kid Through Sports

We just want our kids to win at sports! But often in the process, we ruin their fun and train them to despise our approach to life and worldview.  
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How I Became Okay With My Child Being Just M...

I’ve been a high achiever all my life. I didn’t expect a kid with meltdowns, dismal spelling tests, embarrassing social skills. I had to get over myself.
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kids and sports

5 Things Coco’s Parents Teach Us About...

Besides her obvious talent on the tennis court, Coco demonstrated what it looks like when parents teach that there’s more going on than just the game.
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Saying yes to our kids

Saying ‘Yes’ to Help Our Kids Fe...

As a mom, I am guilty of saying no too often simply out of laziness. Even though saying yes would delight my kids, I let my selfishness get in the way.
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parenting fear

When Fear for Your Child Is Real

When you’re picking out little baby outfits, you don’t anticipate someone telling you, years later, your teenager may have lymphoma.
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student mission trips

5 Reasons Your Student Shouldn’t Go On a M...

The nations are in desperate need of the gospel. The" least of these" are hurting, hungry, thirsty, unclothed, and homeless. The solution? Not my teen!
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The Song That Haunts My Fatherhood

As a kid, I identified with the boy in the song who wanted more of his Dad’s attention. 30 years later, I was the dad leaving my son wanting more.
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debt in marriage

I Thought Our Debt Was His Problem

I didn’t want to work hard to hand my paycheck over to cover his debt. I wanted to spend my money my way. He is the one who went to college and accrued it!
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make Summer memories

3 Fail Proof Ways to Make the Most of Summer

You can be intentional with your kids over the summer. Here are 3 ways (+ a printable) to help you pull off a meaningful summer.
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be a better wife

15 Ways to Be a Better Wife

I polled other women on ways to be a better wife. Because I never want to assume that I have all the right wife answers. Let's see if our husbands agree.
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teaching respect

Teaching Respect: 8 Tips for a Snark-free Su...

Requiring respect is a gift we give our kids (and ourselves!). But in a parenting age aiming to be gentler and more aware of kids’ emotions, it's not easy.
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part time marriage

Why Gwyneth Paltrow’s Part-Time Marriage O...

Eight months into their marriage, Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk live in separate houses much of the time. Friends say it's ideal. But what's up?
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teenage social responsibility

Teaching Our Teenage Girls the Truth of Soci...

Unlike the advice of Teen Vogue that robs teenage girls of their value, true advocacy and social responsibility should be in God-glorifying ways.
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sex after baby

Sex After Baby: From Her Side of the Bed

I struggled with a lot of fear when it came to sex after baby! I avoided telling my husband that I was wrestling with a lack of desire for quite awhile.
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sex after baby

Sex After Baby: From His Side of the Bed

When and how do you get back into physical intimacy with each other after a new baby? As the husband, I have learned 3 nonnegotiables for sex after baby.  
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Teen Vogue

Teen Vogue Fashionably Frames Sex as Suitabl...

As the dad of a 13-year-old girl, when Teen Vogue moves from popping pimples to pushing pimps, I need to raise my hand and say, "I’m not for this.”
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elementary crush

‘Audrey and John Sitting in a Tree ...

My son's first day of first grade introduction worksheet: What do you like to do with your friends? His answer, in wonderfully legible pencil: Chase girls.
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Father's Day as a Single Mom

Celebrating Father’s Day as a Single Mom

Facing Father's Day as a single mom brings difficult questions.How can I help my kids on this day? What is expected of me? Am I required to honor him too?
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When Your 18 Summers Are Up

Right now there’s a mom whose 18 summers are up with her child.18 sounded plenty when empty sippy cups scattered the backseat. Now 18 doesn't feel enough.
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Father's Day

Kids Say the Darndest Things About Dad

We asked kids what they think about their dads. Turns out, they think they’re pretty darn special.
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I don't love him anymore

I Don’t Love Him Anymore

I no longer felt anything for my husband. That thought terrified me--I don’t love him anymore. "Would I be happier with someone else?" I wondered.
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feeling abandoned

Do You Feel Abandoned by God?

The first two years of widowhood, God seemed distant and silent. Then I discovered the problem.
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relationship with stepkids

What Would Joseph Do?

There is endless capacity for a loving relationship between a stepdad and his stepchildren.
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supporting your spouse in a stepfamily

Choosing Sides: Supporting Your Spouse in a...

When you must decide between siding with your child or your spouse in a blended family, choose your spouse.
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Finding Freedom From Pornography

Most men would swim through shark-infested waters rather than admit our failures and weaknesses.
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a birthday wish

The Petty Prayer I Was Embarrassed to Pray

Tickets to JoJo Siwa's sold out D.R.E.A.M. tour is all my eleven-year-old daughter wanted for her birthday. I was determined to find a way to take her.
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husband and wife kissing

25 Things Husbands Should Start Doing

The following list is a great way to start loving your wife in a way that makes her flourish. 
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what a divorcing friend needs

5 Things Your Divorcing Friend Needs

Another friend called to tell me his wife filed for divorce. He’s devastated, yet ready to move on. I listened and wondered what my divorcing friend needs.
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choosing Christianity in college

7 Ways to Know if Your Kids Will Choose Chur...

You've detected trends that are leading your kids away from church in college. But, let's be honest. Kids do what they like. Why can't that be church?
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mom helping child to ride a bike

Don’t Let Fear Control Your Motherhood

When fear and anxiety threaten to take control of how I parent my children, I remind myself of four truths.
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Is Straight-to-College the Best Path for Hig...

Changes in educational costs and in the job market should prompt teens and their parents to consider some great alternatives to college.
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Sleepovers—Bad Idea or No Big Deal?

Spending the night with friends seems like a normal part of growing up. But my wife and I wonder: should we let our kids go to a sleepover?
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Pop-Pop, Henry, and My Reasons to Remember

My Pop-pop told stories. About how my Mom-mom fell in love with him. About the Marines. Later I found out there were some secrets he didn't recite.
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Having 'the Talk' With My Daughter Had a Surprising Outcome

Having ‘the Talk’ With My Daughter Had a...

Our Passport2Purity® weekend didn’t go anything like I had planned, but what came out of it was even better.
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7 Do’s and Don’ts for Parents of Gra...

For 18 years, you have parented through a maze of joys, laughter, confusion, and even bruises. Now your child is a graduate. You have big changes ahead.
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What Singles Want Marrieds to Know

What Singles Want Marrieds to Know

Here are some tips for engaging with and loving the singles around you well.
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raising boys

How to Train Your Boys to Be Men

I have three sons. My oldest still wets the bed. My youngest says two words. They're just boys. How do I start this whole "man-thing"?
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stressed teens

Are We Pushing Our Kids too Hard?

My kids need to see that their value isn’t tied to their grades or what school accepts them. I need to encourage them to follow God’s design and purpose for their lives and not insist they conform to a specific formula for success.
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To The Newlywed Wife … From a Decade L...

I wish I could speak to that fresh-faced, 22-year-old newlywed. She needed some of the wisdom that God has deposited in me over the last decade of marriage.
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From the Ashes: A Story of Rebirth

In the wake of porn and an affair, a pastor’s family is transformed
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9 Tips for Leading a Small-Group Study

Facilitating a small group study enhances your own embracing of the material, your relationship with God, and your heart for ministering to others.
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When Everything Is Family Nothing Is

What happens when society redefines family?  Our teenagers are sorting through the wounds of a generation’s idea that family is whatever you want it to be.
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women and respect

Should Boys and Girls Play on the Same Team?

High school wrestler Brendan Johnston explained, “I’m not really comfortable wrestling a girl." Is this a sign of his narrow-mindedness and ego? Or respect?
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concept of sin

Does Raising Children with a Concept of Sin...

One woman says her upbringing was based in fear and shame because of the concept of sin. God was a megaphone in my head: “You’re bad, you’re bad!”
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body image

Teaching Our Daughters Positive Self-Talk

When my 6-year-old daughter with long, lanky legs called her thighs fat, I knew something had to change. I didn't know body image issues would come so early.
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“I want sex more than he does!”...

1 in 5 women have the higher sex drive. But when our husbands decline--or rarely initiate sex--it leaves us thinking, What's wrong with him? Or is it me?
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self worth

Ayesha Curry Said it For Women Everywhere

Does anybody notice me? Am I pretty enough? Good enough? Ayesha Curry's open interview voiced concerns that most women aren't brave enough to express.
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graduation gifts

Affirmation: the Perfect Graduation Gift

We give words of affirmation to someone shortly before or after their death. But why wait? Learn to speak life giving affirmations today.
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When Mother's Day Hurts

When Mother’s Day Hurts

Here are 10 ways to bless a hurting mom in your life.
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teaching kids about money

One Dollar = One Taco: Easy Money Lessons Ov...

In a first world country, our kids know that everything they could ever want to buy is accessible. How do we teach them the value of things and money?
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Mother's Day

To My Wife on Mother’s Day

Every day is Mother’s Day in our little household. Because you do so much. But I want this day to be a reminder of my commitment to you.
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Dad taking child to school

If Bill Gates Can Drop Off His Kids, So Can...

When dads share the household responsibilities, it’s a win-win for the family and a win-win for society. Bill Gates, tech guru, and wife Melinda proved it.
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husband's work

When Your Man’s Long Hours Don’t...

Following a Major League Baseball career, my husband's work led to a new demanding position. So, I came home to an empty house and had dinner alone again.
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Dear Mom, Thanks for the Real Moments of Motherhood

Dear Mom, Thanks for the Real Moments of Mot...

Here’s to our mothers. Thanks for letting us see you struggle, ask for help, and never give up on the ones you love.
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Foster Care

Why I Decided to Foster a College Student

For one couple, becoming foster parents happened in a really unexpected way.
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Single Mom Mother's Day

To The Single Mom on Mother’s Day

I see you, single mom. I know you’re out there and  you may be struggling today on Mother's Day. You deserve this day the most.
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working mom

Viral Rant “Society to Working Moms” Tot...

While we might relate to the laundry list of women pressures, we have to be honest about why working moms and our husbands believe them.
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Self esteem and prayer

When Life Gets Tough, Self-Esteem Is Not the...

“Trust your heart. Believe in you." Yet with the constant encouragement to pat ourselves on the back, the result isn’t all sunshine and cupcakes.
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Broken Womb, Broken Heart: Facing Infertilit...

It's sobering hearing that your body will never carry a child. That because of infertility you’ll never know the kicks of a baby growing inside you.
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second marriages

Why would Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez...

This will be J. Lo's fourth and A-Rod's second marriage. What makes them think that this one will be the one that sticks? (We hope it does.)
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Save Sex for the Honeymoon

Save Sex for the Honeymoon

There are benefits to abstaining from sex while engaged. Here are five reasons to say “I won’t” until you say “I do.”
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Romantic Summer Getaways for Less

Invest time in your marriage so your family will have a firm foundation.
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5 Reasons Your Preteen Needs You

5 Reasons Your Preteen Needs You

Children this age are unique because they still invite participation and closeness with parents—an attitude that will be changing soon.
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5 Keys to a Truly Romantic Marriage

Adding a little tenderness to your marriage is easier than you think.
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We Didn't Have a Clue We Had a Problem

We Didn’t Have a Clue We Had a Problem

Attending FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember® early in our marriage gave us the tools we needed to build a healthy and sustainable union.
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Making Your Home a Sanctuary for Your Family

You can make your home a place of peace and safety for you and your spouse and kids. Here are some ways to create the setting.
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should we cancel the wedding

When to Call It Off Before the Big Day

Marriage is a big deal. It makes sense to work through the hard questions together so you're equipped to keep the lifetime commitment you're about to make.
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Staying close in remarriage

How to Say ‘Not Tonight’ Without...

Is it ever okay to deny his advances? Everybody needs an occasional raincheck, right?
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Preachers in Sneakers

Does it really matter if preachers wear hip clothes or live expensive lifestyles?
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stressful work day

How to Not Lose It on Your Kids After a Stre...

I shudder at the times I’ve acted irritably toward my kids because I was still stressed from work. How do we come home as the loving parents we want to be?
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Negotiating Parental Leave

Negotiating Parental Leave for the Working M...

Who is responsible for making ends meet when a new baby joins a family – the new parents, their employers, or the government?
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Why Tiger Woods Wins For Us All

Why Tiger Woods Wins For Us All

Tiger Woods’ emotional grip on his son culminated a journey back from the sports-dead. We see a man experience professional victory and personal redemption.
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Rainbow Baby

The Gift of a Rainbow Baby

For parents who have lost a child, nothing will ever be able to replace that baby. But sometimes out of sorrow is the gift of a “rainbow baby," the healthy baby who follows loss.
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Meaningful Easter Traditions

Host a Meaningful Easter Party with Your Mom...

I’m hosting an Easter party. You should too. Use these menu ideas and activities for a fun, easy way to share the Easter season together.
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Snowplow parenting

You Might Be a ‘Snowplow Parent’...

Many parents fall into the well-meaning mishap of clearing an easy path for their kids, regardless of the cost. Have you?
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Parenting Teens

When to Tell Your Kids About Your Past

How much should you tell your kids about the mistakes you've made in the past? Pastor Drew Hill believes parents should unveil some of the ugliness in our lives ... to show what God has done.
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Countdown to Easter

This guide will help you reflect on the days leading up to the Cross, Jesus' death, His burial, and the empty tomb. One Scripture. One brief reflection. Once a day, for 12 days.
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She Was Ready to End Her Life

She searched her home for something she could take to end the pain, instead, she found God’s protection.
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Should We Have Kids?

Many married couples are putting off the decision on whether to have children ... and an increasing number choose to not have any.
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Children of Divorce

5 Ways I’d Like to Thank My Divorced Paren...

Despite their decision to divorce, both of my parents made sacrifices along the way that kept my brother and me as their priorities.
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How About Giving up ‘Contempt’ f...

Togetherness is virtually impossible if one or both spouses feel disgust toward each other.
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Teaching Our Kids Not to Be Bystanders to Bullying

Teaching Our Kids Not to Be Bystanders to Bu...

Most kids on today’s campuses probably fall into the category of “bystander.” They know they should probably do something, but they don’t.
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a husband having a discussion with his wife

All My Husband Heard From Me Was ‘BOOO...

After we'd been married awhile, I realized I had gone from Dave's biggest cheerleader to his biggest critic.
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mom talking with child

Have You Talked to Your Kids About Sex?

The sex talk and gender conversations in your home don’t have to be big, awkward productions. But they do need to happen. The sooner the better.
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Good Parenting

When Parenting Isn’t Popular

Making responsible, though not always fun, parenting decisions pays dividends and yields goodness that lasts well beyond the moment.
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working mom

A Day in the Life of a Working Mom

Making memories, passing on our faith to the next generation, is what our moments are made of. I try to focus on fully living in every single one.
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College Admission Scandal

Lessons From the College Admissions Scandal

These parents wanted the best for their children. But is any college worth what those families are facing now?
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Spring Break Memories

Spring Break Is for Making Memories

Staycation or vacation? Either way spring break is a time to take advantage of for having fun and creating family memories.
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Blended family in church

Going to Church As a Single Parent or Blende...

As a single mom turned stepmom, I look to the church for help to heal. But it’s challenging to feel accepted in a place where my family isn’t reflected.
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Taylor Swift 30th birthday

5 Things Taylor Swift Gets Right on Her 30 B...

The pop music star is about to turn 30, and her list of life lessons beautifully blends heart with humor, plus practicality and purpose.
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Dave and Ann Wilson

‘I Told God I’d Rather Die Than Be Marri...

Meet Dave and Ann Wilson, the new cohosts of FamilyLife Today® who bring the authentic voice of a couple who has struggled greatly in their marriage—yet found hope and help in Christ.
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baby shower

Every Expectant Mom Deserves a Baby Shower L...

One of the greatest lessons motherhood is teaching me is that I cannot do it alone. Baby showers remind us of the help we need from family and friends.
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cultural differences

We Moved Our Family and Changed Their World

One day David and his wife, Meg, realized they wanted their family to see that the world is a more diverse place than what they were experiencing.
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What parents need to know about the Momo Challenge

What Parents Need to Know About the Momo Cha...

What’s a level-headed but vigilant parent to do with this information? Here are five ways to respond to the unsettling Momo Challenge.
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Finding your way back to church

Finding Your Way Back to the Church After Se...

How can the victim of sexual abuse trust the body of Christ again? How can we go back to any church body? Why should we even try?
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Robert Kraft solicitation charge

What Should We Say to Our Sons About the Rob...

Your sons have already heard about the owner of the New England Patriots charged with solicitation of prostitution. What will they hear from you?
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Mom, Kind Is the New Skinny  

What if our generation of moms decided to love the mom bods we’ve got? Motherhood puts a glow on any woman! It’s a look that’s well worth the wear.
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How Should We Feel About B. Smith’s Hu...

Suffering from Alzheimer's, lifestyle guru B. Smith hardly seems to recognize the other woman now living in her home. Should we sympathize with her husband?
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Married Single Parent

I Am a Married Single Parent

I am still legally married. But all the things that a marriage typically brings, especially in the world of parenting, do not exist in our marriage.
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Helping your child think missionally

Helping Your Children in the Discovery of Th...

From a FamilyLife Today® broadcast, a list of ideas to help your kids think missionally about life.
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Masculinity is not toxic

Words Can Be Toxic; Masculinity Is Not

Toxic masculinity, the new term in vogue powering today’s cultural discussion, is concerning. The answer certainly cannot be vilifying masculinity.
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Why take your kids to church

Why Take Your Kids to Church?

Nap schedules, feedings, teething, separation anxiety, sickness, sports – when kids are young, it seems easier to stay home. Is going to church worth it?
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Marie Kondo helped

How Marie Kondo Helped My Tupperware Drawer...

At first I found the KonMari tidying method to be humorous. But my husband says it’s attractive to him when I clean and organize our home.
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Birthday parties

When Everyone Gets Invited to the Birthday P...

My kid's birthday party means I include and find commonalities with nearly total strangers. And it’s a really beautiful thing.
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winning at Valentine's Day

I Used to Fail at Valentine’s Day

I always seemed to fail at this holiday until a game-changer idea took me from zero to hero.
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Searching for Significance in the World of Social Media

Nobody Liked My Tweet! Searching for Signifi...

People spend hours tweaking their digital persona in a search for significance. Yet is social media the best place to look?
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couple working together in the kitchen

10 Surprisingly Effective Ways to Improve Yo...

Maintaining the marital bed isn’t always easy. Here are some ideas to help you keep your marriage strong by coming together often as husband and wife.
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avoiding adultery

Guard Your Heart From Adultery

The core issue regarding sexual temptation is the condition of our hearts.
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avoiding drama

5 Ways to Avoid Being a Drama Addict

Moms today have enough on their plates without adding unnecessary drama to the list.
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Cost of parenting kids

Kids Are Worth Every Single Penny—and More

At the end of my life, I won’t be sad about what I couldn't afford. I’ll be thankful for the rich memories and lives we’ve built with our children.
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Let’s Turn the Helpless Into Heroes

I’ve always believed that’s what birth mothers really are—heroes.
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young couple with heads on pillows–woman looking at man who is facing away from her

Young, Married, and Unable to Have Sex

Having grown up in the church, it came as a shock to me when my husband and I encountered difficulty consummating our marriage.
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5 Ways to Stay Connected to Your Spouse Through Busyness

5 Ways to Stay Close to Your Spouse in Life...

Our intentions to do good can also pull us away from the most important human relationship in our lives.
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Helping Your Family Understand Racial Reconciliation

Helping Your Family Understand Racial Reconc...

We cannot live redemptive lives and hate our neighbor. Diversity in relationships not only shows unity to the world but also builds in our own hearts a love for others.
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What we learned at a Weekend to Remember

What Else Could We Learn About Marriage?

We thought we knew it all, but the Weekend to Remember® marriage getaway gave us practical help that was built on a solid foundation of biblical truth.
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Toxic masculinity

Lose the Toxic, Not the Masculinity

The Gillette ad is just the latest in a series of negative narratives featuring men.
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The Digital Dirty Dozen: 12 Apps for Parents...

My limited experience has taught me to be vigilant in what I allow before my children’s eyes.
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setting goals for your marriage

Making Resolutions for a Thriving Marriage

Setting goals is important to maintaining a healthy marriage. Here are a few ideas to help you stick to them.
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Shopping on a budget

Soothing the Shopping Itch Without Breaking...

Ideas to help you feel like you’re living in luxury without spending much money … or any at all.
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Helping your child choose a college

Questions Every Parent Should Ask Their Kids...

In order for your teenagers to be able to make adult-level decisions, they need guidance. You can help them by asking good questions.
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Asking my kids for forgiveness

Asking Forgiveness From My Kids … Agai...

My kids need to grow up with the knowledge that I require a Savior just as much as they do.
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man and woman looking in a mirror brushing their teeth

Why I Wish We Hadn’t Lived Together Before...

Here are five reasons I wish my husband and I hadn’t moved in together before saying “I do.”
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Why does God allow suffering?

Why Does God Allow Suffering?

These basic principles will help you and your family understand the biblical reasons for tragedy.
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Two Funerals and a Wedding

Three ways I’ve helped my stepfamily grieve the deaths of both previous spouses.
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Identity crisis

The Search: Who Am I Now?

From widow and single mother to second wife and stepmom, my soul suffered an identity crisis.
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mother praying while children are busy coloring in the background

Survival Tips for the First Year of Stepfami...

Ten ideas that helped (or would have helped) my family during our first blended year.
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man and woman sitting at a table having a conversation

Some Good News About the Bad News About Marr...

Divorce rates aren’t really as bad as the academics were implying.
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What I Wish for Jeff Bezos and Tim Tebow

Despite their differing marriage scenarios, my prayer for both the Bezos and Tebows is the same: a happy ending
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Grieving after a tragedy

Riding the Two Rails of Grief: Faith and Suf...

After the unexpected death of our son, my wife and I learned that faith informs pain, but it doesn’t erase it.
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blue and purple hydrangeas

Maintaining Our Individuality in Marriage

When you look at our marriage you see unity, but you also see each one of us as a different and unique person.
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Advice for the new bride

For the New Bride: 4 Things to Remember Afte...

I had no idea what being a wife meant other than we’d live together forever, hopefully have some kids, and file a joint tax return.
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A marriage license is not a receipt

A Marriage License Is Not a Receipt, It’s...

Exchanging one spouse for another isn’t as easy as returning the wrong pair of shoes. Choose wisely from the beginning and forget the return policy.
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single parenting

‘Mom, I Am Their Father’

I finally realized that my children had all the father they needed; all I had to do was point them to God for their needs.
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Getting married again

Learning to Speak Marriage Again

A new marriage requires learning different forms of affection, communication, traditions, and expectations.
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The people in my neighborhood

The People in My Neighborhood

My morning strolls did more than help me lose weight; they helped me learn valuable lessons about life.
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Talking to Your kids about mass shootings

8 Suggestions for Talking to Your Kids About...

Talking to my kids about shootings doesn’t come easily—how do I answer questions about things I don’t understand myself?
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Knowing God

A Healthy Stepfamily Needs ‘God-Esteem...

Jesus told us to love our neighbors as ourselves, but that requires first knowing who we are in Christ.
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Go on a road trip

Creating Closer Relationships in Stepfamilie...

Strengthen bonds between kids and stepparents by going on a trip that doesn’t fit into the status quo.
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How to ruin your sex life

How to Ruin Your Sex Life in 10 Easy Steps

It takes little energy, time, or even thought to take your bedroom romps from great to nonexistent.
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Fairy tale marriage

Moving Beyond the Fairy-Tale Marriage

The divine design of marriage calls us to something deeper—to God’s daily involvement. Because we can’t uphold our vows without Him.
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Co-Parenting Doesn’t Have to Be Ugly

When the world is telling you to blame your ex-spouse and embrace bitterness, you can work on turning your thoughts toward a peaceful working relationship.
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Our favorite comments from 2018 Weekend to Remember getaways

Our Favorite Weekend to Remember Stories of...

Marriages are being transformed at Weekend to Remember® marriage getaways. Here are just a few of our favorite stories guests shared with us last year.
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Body image

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, How Should Mama...

How do we treat ourselves well while also remembering that God cares more about our hearts? Can we keep our hearts pure but also enjoy fashion?
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Stay Connected With Your Spouse While You're raising your kids

Connecting With Your Spouse Through the Busy...

When we became parents, our entire universe shifted. What happened to the couple we were?
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Christmas gift for my wife

What Your Wife Really Wants for Christmas

Forget perfume and diamonds … give your wife something that speaks to her heart.
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Gender-Neutral Parenting Isn’t for Me

My husband and I are raising our daughters to identify with who God designed them to be, embrace the characteristics He gave them, and develop confidence in the goodness of their Maker.
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A Time to Grieve During Stepfamily Holidays

Three helpful hints I use to navigate the holidays in my blended family.
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New Year's Resolutions for Moms

A New Year’s Resolution List for Every Mom

Here’s to giving your best to God—and your family—in the year ahead.
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The Unexpected Christmas Gift

The real unexpected gift wasn’t the money or groceries, but an increase in our faith.
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Adult child of divorce

Navigating the Holidays as an Adult Child of...

At Christmas, decisions for an adult child of divorce become especially difficult, with both parents vying for your loyalty and attention.
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Photo Credit: George H.W. Bush Presidential Library & Museum

George H.W. Bush and the Marriage America Ne...

I want my own marriage to resemble the one our 41st president had with his late bride, Barbara.
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Why Your Relationship With Your Child Matters

Why Your Relationship With Your Child Matter...

You have the privilege of growing a child who knows the love of God personally and knows how to love people well.
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Santa Claus

Is Santa Claus Stopping at Your House?

What’s a family—one that desires to teach their kids the REAL meaning of Christmas—to do about St. Nick?
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Would You Say Yes to Becoming an “Inst...

Is foster care messy? Of course. Is it worth it? Absolutely.
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Take a holiday break

Take a Break From the Holidays!

A break is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your spouse and face the stress of the holidays together.
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Christmas Conflict

‘Tis the Season to Fight About Finances

Here are a few ways to make spending during the holidays less stressful.
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Are you thankful for your spouse?

Do You Practice Intentional Gratitude for Yo...

It takes diligence and commitment to remember that your spouse needs to know how much they mean to you on a daily basis.
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How Can I Let Go of the Mom Guilt?

How Can I Let Go of the Mom Guilt?

Guilt doesn’t freshen us and give life—it suffocates us and takes more than we have to give.
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6 Tips to Reduce Stress for Working Moms

6 Tips to Reduce Stress for the Working Mom

When my youngest started preschool, I took my first job outside the home in nearly 10 years. I was frazzled, guilt-ridden, and late everywhere I went.
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Work Smarter, Not Harder This Christmas

A mom’s guide to managing all that the holiday season throws her way.
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When You Don't Feel Like Giving Thanks

When You Don’t Feel Like Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving can be a difficult reminder of the struggles we face, but there is comfort in the promises to come.
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Teaching My Children to Be Thankful for Each...

Long after my husband and I are gone, I want our kids to still have each other.
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Political election

I’m Not Panicking About the Election—And...

Political leaders might have their own agendas, but those cannot thwart God’s.
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Bill Cosby and our secret selves

Bill Cosby and Our Secret Selves

Like so many, I groaned at the disparity: Perfect, hilarious TV family. Lurid, devastating real life.
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Grateful woman

Gratefulness for the Small Things … Like W...

We are completely dependent on our all-powerful God, who generously gives us every gift we possess.
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Investing Time With Your Children

Investing Time With Your Children: The Chall...

The time we have with our children before they enter into adulthood is limited. We have a responsibility to use it well, with a heart of wisdom.
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Women, Body Image and the Holidays

Women, Body Image and the Holidays

How do we find the holy balance of treating our bodies like temples, but not to the extent that we become health-obsessed this holiday season?
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Your most important job as a parent.

Your Most Important Job as a Parent

Teachable moments are opportunities for us to imprint God’s values on the next generation.
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Russ Taff I Still Believe: Singing through shame and alcoholism

Christian Musician Russ Taff: Singing Throug...

The award-winning artist's music inspired others to bask in God’s love, but he had to overcome shame and alcoholism to hear God’s love song to him.
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Beautiful scars - my grace is sufficient

Beautiful Scars

I noted something refreshingly real about Princess Eugenie’s choice of gown. From the front, she showed she was a princess. From the back, she showed she was a person like the rest of us.
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two elementary-school boys looking out a car window

Three Times a Day to Intentionally Connect W...

Consider mornings, mealtimes and bedtime as opportunities for making a heart connection with your child. And trust that God, in His sovereignty, will fill the gaps in between.
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wine corks

Can Mommy Have a Drink?

Pretty much everyone has an opinion on "mommy wine culture." Here's a few factors to consider if you're thinking about sipping a glass.
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What I Wish Drew Brees Had Whispered to His...

I want more for Drew Brees and his sons than just what they can earn. And Jesus offers more.
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Not All Millennials Wait For the “Righ...

There’s no doubt that marrying my high school sweetheart benefited us for the better.
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The Art of Parenting

God Used a Parakeet to Love Our Daughter

Of all the stories about raising six children we’ve told over the years, this is probably our favorite.
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Why Do So Many Love This is Us?

The popular television show tells us there is romance and redemption lying wait in our days, breathless not with passion, but with the hard work of love.
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Christmas Gifts from Grandparents

Help Grandma Calm Down on Christmas Gift-Giv...

Sometimes, Grandpa and Grandma Warbucks create unintended challenges by “blessing the grandkids” with so many gifts.
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Smartphone addiction in kids

My Son Was Addicted to a Smartphone

The patterns I saw in my child’s behavior opened my eyes to the damage my phone had done.
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An Open Letter to #Whyididntreport

I saw a hashtag on Twitter this week about why people who have been sexually abused might choose not to report it.
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A Pop Star’s Surprising Perspective on Pur...

While my generation will associate Michelle Williams with suggestive song titles, the next generation might associate her with something entirely different—being a champion for the biblical model of marriage.
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Cancel Family Dinner

Should Your Family Cancel Dinner?

It’s not always practical to eat dinner as a family. The solution? Give yourself and your family some grace and cancel dinner tonight. 
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Is a happy divorce possible?

Is “Happy Divorce” a Thing?

And if there are really no tears, no heartache, and we can remain friends–is divorce really the most healing and whole option?
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Smartphones for Smart Families

Smartphones for Smartfamilies

We advise against giving your children a phone if you are not ready to have a conversation with them about it multiple times a week for multiple years.
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When Was the Last Time Your Marriage Had a P...

You might make sure to head to the doctor each year like clockwork, but when is the last time your marriage had a physical?
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Saturdays are for Family

Saturdays Are for Winning

Instead of my husband abandoning us for the woods or holing up in a man cave glued to ESPN, we’ve made fall Saturdays family days.
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Not Another Top-Ten List

You don’t have to look far in order to find advice for how you can improve your marriage. Articles are all over the internet about what you should say to sustain your spouse’s interest, the type of clothes you should wear to appear more attractive, and how you can be even more intimate with your partner.
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Healthy Marriage Expectations

After ‘I Do,’ Now What?

Marriage is a relationship that will transform you, if you let it. Saying “I do” is only the beginning of a lifetime of laughter, frustration, forgiveness, happiness, and deep joy. It’s worth it.
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Healthy marriage expectations

Not Another Statistic

What was the last negative statistic you heard about marriage? Most of us can quickly cite sources that point to the fact that half of all marriages end in divorce.
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Yes, Momcations are a Thing

Kid-free trips either alone or with girlfriends is an idea I can get behind.
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wife on her husbands shoulder, smiling

Why You Need to Get Away

Spending an entire weekend learning how to communicate, grow in oneness, and love one another better was like hitting a reset to our busy lives.
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5 Things No One Told Me About Marriage

Young and Married: Five Things We Learned fr...

There’s a secret that nobody likes to tell dating or engaged couples: Marriage is really hard.
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man and woman sitting on opposite ends of the couch, facing away from each other.

Overcoming Communication Barriers With Your...

Communication in marriage is not easy. But the fight to communicate is worth the work. In the end, you’ll find a thriving marriage rooted in oneness, not division.
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Better Marriage

Your Marriage Is Not Your Parents’

Having divorced parents doesn’t mean your own marriage will also end in divorce. You are not destined to live out the same mistakes as your parents.
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Every Marriage Needs Community

Marriage Is Not an Island: Our Need for Comm...

At the Weekend to Remember marriage retreat I found a profound sense of community. It reminded me of one simple fact: We are not alone.
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Marriage Getaway

Marriage Is for Me… Right?

Conflict over money and infidelity might be some of the most common reasons for getting a divorce in our society, but I’d argue that there’s a more common root to most separations:“I’m just not happy anymore.”
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Can ‘The Bachelorette’ Teach Us Anything...

A few positive lessons from my guilty pleasure over the last few months.
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Your Child is Not the Enemy

Your Child Is Not Your Enemy

Here are eight ways we can fight for, not against, our children in their hard-to-handle moments.
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Father and son

The Real Cost of Keeping Up With the Kardash...

NBA star Blake Griffin may be able to afford a huge child support payment, but kids need more than that.
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Moms ministry

The Importance of a Moms’ Ministry in Your...

Ministering to this group can be instrumental in reaching everyone in the home.
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Our Fixer-Upper Marriage

Our Fixer-Upper Marriage

My husband and I have learned much about putting our relationship into the hands of the Master Renovator.
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70 Things We Love About Grandpa

Donna Reish wanted to make her father's seventieth birthday extra special.
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Tribute to Ron and Cleve Boehi

Following is an example of a tribute.
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couple sitting together smiling

4 Ways to Prioritize Your Spouse Above Your...

In our crazy, fast-paced lives, it’s easy to be distracted from what is most important. Here are some ideas to make more time for the person you love most.
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Preparing Your Teen for LGBT Discussions

Questions to Ask Your Teen About LGBT Issues

A list of questions to help you engage your teens about their beliefs on LGBT issues.
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Preparing Your Teen for LGBT Discussions

Preparing Your Teen for LGBT Discussions

Five steps to prepare them to withstand peer pressure, stand with the truth, and display the love of Christ.
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The Secret to Marriage

The Secret to My Marriage

One simple concept will guide you into the relationship you always wanted to have.
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Caring for Older Parents

Caring for Older Parents: Heeding the Fifth...

Whatever problems may develop, my commitment is to do whatever it takes to help my parents, respect them, and honor them.
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Miss America Pageant

There She Is: Miss America, #MeToo, and Your...

Brava, Miss America, for eliminating a bit of the external from the ideal. And let’s not stop there. What does it look like for each of us to disregard the bigger “swimsuit competition” far deeper within?
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7 Reasons I'm Thankful for My Husband This Father's Day

7 Reasons I’m Thankful for My Husband This...

Our kids would only be half as awesome, half as cool, and half as strong without you. And quite frankly, so would I.
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honoring dad on father's day

10 Ways to Help Your Kids Honor Their Dad

Use your position as a mother to inspire your children to honor their father this Father’s Day and over the years.
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7 ideas for engaging with your kids this Summer.

7 Ideas for Engaging With Your Kids This Sum...

The school year is filled with other obligations, but the summer belongs to us.
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Sex matters in marriage

Why Sex Matters In Marriage

Married couples who have sex regularly live longer, have better heart health, enjoy a deeper connection, and can let go of annoyances easier.
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Loving Your Mom the Way She Needs It

Loving Your Mom the Way She Needs It

It’s not about how you feel most equipped to love her, but how she will feel the most loved.
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For mom on Mother's Day

4 Reminders for the Weary Mom on Mother’s...

This day was made for you—the tired and weary warrior mom who faithfully trudges on even when no one seems to notice.
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Like Arrows movie

It’s Showtime!

FamilyLife’s first feature film, Like Arrows, is coming to a theater near you, but this week only!
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Blended family

Grafting: A Painful but Beautiful Process fo...

Your blended family may have another river to cross and a few more battles to face, but don’t give up—significant rewards lie ahead.
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Stepparenting and the Law

Even though the legal rights of a stepparent over his or her stepchildren is limited, love is not limited.
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Outsiders in blended families

Extending Love and Grace to Outsiders in Ble...

God showed His love for us by bringing the outsider in, and that’s how Christians should love the “extended” members of stepfamilies.
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Like Arrows Movie

‘Like Arrows’ Is an Unlikely Win...

FamilyLife's first film is meant to be a glimpse into a path that can take you deeper into parenting the heart of your children.
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I Want My Child to Be an ‘Alien’

Helping a child understand this world is not our home.
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Ministering to parents

Ministering to Parents in Your Church

A creative way to connect with couples early in their parenting journey and establish a loving, caring relationship.
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