In his book, The Forgotten Commandment, Dennis Rainey encourages readers to write a formal tribute to their parents and present it to them during a special occasion (birthday, anniversary, holiday, etc.).  Following is an example of a tribute.  Click here for more information on honoring your parents and for more tribute examples.

Tribute to Art Lindstrom, written by his daughter, Janet Logan, for his 80th birthday:

Our family…I always took it for granted, when I was growing up, that all families were like ours. As I have gotten older and I have had the opportunity to meet many different people, I have come to realize that families as blessed as ours are very rare.

What good times we have had as a family! How many people can say they have slept in the restroom of a gas station? It probably wasn’t much fun for you, Dad, but we created memories during that snowstorm that have lasted a lifetime. And all our trips to Florida…Fort Myers Beach, the Shell Factory, when we discovered our first Holiday Inn (Wow! It wasn’t too expensive!), and kids that don’t wear shoes to school. (Please don’t make me go!)

Then there were the weekends at the cabin. What wonderful conversations you and I had while we were burning those ribs! And I never watch the Miss America pageant without thinking of doing that at Marble Lake. Palt on Christmas Eve and fried palt on Christmas morning still brings back memories of Grandma Lindy, and though I protest loudly, I still love it when you try to snitch more off my plate!

We have also shared some sad times. I will never forget the three of us girls traveling with you to Grandma Kasen’s funeral in Colorado or all those long hours in the hospital during and following Mom’s heart surgery. Those were difficult experiences, but ones that made us closer as a family.

Thank you, Dad, for a wonderful childhood, and for your part in shaping me into a healthy, happy, and stable adult. You taught me the importance of a strong work ethic, integrity, honesty, and dependability. You have always been a man of your word. I believe those characteristics are reflected in the lives of your daughters and will be passed on for generations to come. You taught me, in your quiet, gentle way, to love God and to love family. I don’t need a lot of words to know I am loved…the look of pride in your eyes has always been enough for me.

I am so thankful you are my Dad!

Love always,


Tribute to June Lindstrom, written by her daughter, Janet Logan

Dear Mom,

The years have passed so quickly. It seems like just yesterday that I was rushing home from school to see if there was coffee bread or caramel rolls ready to come out of the oven. I can still remember the smells associated with our kitchen and all the wonderful things you so lovingly prepared for your family. I always thought corn soup was a delicacy…now I find out it was just inexpensive! Spanish rice, chili, rice veal casserole, Swiss steak, Swedish pancakes, Dave and Lila’s hot dish and Bumps’ funeral cake! They are all a part of my childhood and still special to me today!

And if you weren’t in the kitchen, I’d find you at the sewing machine. How I marveled at those beautiful wedding gowns that you so easily took apart and put back together again. Sometimes you’d almost be buried in those dresses as you worked on them, and I remember thinking you looked like a princess in the midst of all that beautiful fabric.

I was such a fortunate little girl to have such a talented mother. I know I had more Barbie doll clothes than anyone on the block! Every outfit imaginable was made by your loving hands. And then there was the infamous blue plaid coat that you made for me. How I loved that coat! Our trips to shop at the Glass Block were fun (especially eating grilled cheese sandwiches in their restaurant), but the clothes you made especially for me are the ones I remember.

I believe I have grown into a woman you can be proud of and it’s because of the example you and my grandmothers set for me. I learned from the best! I believe the quality of my life and the substance of my character are largely of your making. Now I watch my own daughter following in those same footsteps, as she matures into a beautiful wife and mother. The time you took to invest in me will impact my children and my children’s children. Mom, for all you are and for all you’ve done..I thank you!

Proverbs 31 says, “Her children shall rise up and call her blessed,” but it’s also true that I’ve been blessed to have you for my MOTHER.

Love always,


Copyright ©2004 by Janet Logan. All rights reserved. Used by permission.