During her interview on FamilyLife Today®, Karis Kimmel Murray describes the “Murray Family Code.” She and her husband developed these rules to emphasize practical and biblical expectations for how family members will live and treat each other. Click here to read an excerpt from her book, Grace Based Discipline.

Rule #1: Forgive. Be quick to seek, grant, and accept forgiveness.

Rule #2: Be Brave. Face your fears, especially when it’s what’s required to do the hard, but right, thing.*

Rule #3: Be Kind. Treat other people like the treasure they are to God.*

Rule #4: Keep Your Promises. Be careful not to overcommit, but once you’ve made a promise, keep your word.*

Rule #5: Work Hard. Always put your best effort behind what you do.*

Rule #6: Help Others. Whether family, friends, teammates, coworkers, teachers, or neighbors, look for people who need help, then give it.*

Rule #7: Never Give Up. Never give up on people or relationships. When a task seems too hard, stick with it and ask for help.*

Rule #8: Trust God. Believe that God is who He says He is and He can do what He says He can do.*

Rule #9: Tell the Truth. Always tell the truth, no matter how hard it is to tell. Staying silent when you know the truth is the same as lying.*

Rule #10: Live Authentically. Be the same person in the dark as you are in the light.*

*When you mess up, refer to Rule #1.

Excerpted from Grace Based Discipline, copyright © 2017 by Karis Kimmel Murray. Used with permission of Family Matters Press.