Editor’s Note: Paula Hendricks, author of Confessions of a boy-crazy girl, was interviewed on FamilyLife Today® on August 21-22, 2014. On August 22, host Dennis Rainey mentions the quiz below.

Although this quiz is not comprehensive, it will help a young woman evaluate her relationship with boys. It is our hope that these questions, in addition to the broadcasts and book, will serve you and your family well.


Jesus is the King of kings (Revelation 19:11-16). It doesn’t get any better than that. Jesus is the greatest. The highest. The bestest. (Sorry, I know that’s not a word, but I just had to.) As the King of kings, He deserves our fear, our obedience, our honor, and our celebration.

But instead of loving and worshiping the King of kings, I gave my love, worship, and affection of a “little g” god: boys. Can you relate?

Stop for a minute and take the Boy-Crazy Quiz. Simply answer “yes,” or “no” and keep a tab of your findings.

1. In a room full of people, do you always know where “he” is?

2. Are boys your number-one favorite topic of conversation with your friends?

3. Do you often dress to catch a guy’s attention?

4. Do you replace one crush with another almost as soon as you realize the first relationship is not going anywhere?

5. Have you asked a guy out?

6. Do you have your eye on more than one guy at a time?

7. Do you believe you’d finally be completely happy if you had a boyfriend?

8. Do you change your schedule or plans in order to bump into him?

9. Do you tend to have more guy friends than girlfriends?

10. When you’re relaxing with a good book, movie, or song, do you pick those that are filled with ooey-goeey romance?

11. If you journal or pray, are your pages or prayers filled with thoughts and requests about guys?

12. Are you always trying to figure out which guys like you?

13. Would you be willing to get a total makeover for a guy? Not the hair, makeup, and new clothes kind, but the “I’ll change who I am at my core if that’s what it takes to get you” kind?

If you answered yes to any, several, or all of the above questions, then read Confessions of a boy-crazy girl.

Adapted excerpt from Confessions of a boy-crazy girl by Paula Hendricks. Published 2013 by Moody Publishers, Chicago, Illinois, © 2013 by Paula Hendricks. Used with permission.