Many Christian counselors work with parents and teens; and some specialize in this particular area. No one can say for sure if counseling will solve a problem in a teen’s life or between you and your teen, but counseling can be a very good option. Sometimes a teen will talk to a counselor and share problems or frustrations that they don’t feel free to share initially with a parent.

Always remember that God is the one that changes the heart. A counselor is simply an instrument in God’s hand. The counselor may identify:

  • Secret fears
  • Activities your teen has kept from you
  • Doubts
  • Problems your teen is having at school
  • Emotional problems
  • Self-image or body image issues
  • Issues that your teen may have with you that have not been shared.

When you have the knowledge of the problem your teenager is having, you are in a position to seek a solution. The counselor may well be able to bring you as a parent and your teen to the table to begin a new level of communication. The counselor may also suggest specific steps you can take as a parent to begin meeting the needs of your teen or how to encourage and support your teen.

As you work through the issues, begin educating yourself as a parent. FamilyLife has hundreds of articles and resources that can help you learn more about your teen and how to meet their needs. Some of the resources will point you to building a more vital relationship with the Lord. If there is ever a time and reason to turn to the Lord for your personal growth, it is now.

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